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MI6 has assigned Alec Price to the mission . . .

The maniacle Ex-KGB mastermind known only as The Comrade is plotting his revenge by re-instating the Stalin directive of SMIERT SPIONAM, or Death To Spies. His plan. . . to seek retribution against the western powers. Alec Price is the last hope to prevent this insane relic of the Cold War from his vengeful schemes as his own fellow agents are being eliminated one by one. On this action packed adventure Price will encounter Arkady Novikov--friend or foe? John Sherman, the "eye" in the C "I" A. Nigile Remington, fellow member of MI6. Jacques Bouvure, right hand man of The Comrade. The sinister and elusive Crimson. Mikhail Kalachkovits, Donson Fredensa, the Minister, Thomas Church, Dimitri, all here in Smiert Spionam! Follow Alec as he travels to exotic locations in Marseille, St. Petersburg and London as he follows lead after lead in his search for The Comrade. Thrilling encounters, explosive action, incredible special effects, exotic locations, intriguing characters and introducing a cast of bright, young, upcoming actors plus a clever plot twist in this already solid storyline!